Mitchell Wu

When I came to UC Irvine for computer science, I discovered the club lab room of IEEE at UCI.  It quickly became my place of residence on campus.  I went there every day to do my work, tinker on my projects, and simply see friends I knew would be there.

After settling in for some time, I began to notice things about the lab and the club which were being neglected by others in light of their own comfortability.  Things were not kept as organized as should be, workstations and tools could be improved upon, and we could be doing more to serve our members and the student community.  I had to do something.  I started by cleaning up the room and sorting out the parts bins.  Then, I spent my own money to make little upgrades for everyone’s convenience.  Eventually, the officers recognized my initiative, and I became one.

Fast forward two years, and I am now co-president of IEEE at UCI.  The lab is looking better than ever, we have begun offering a great program for students to learn embedded electronics for their future careers, and the groundwork has been laid for the chapter to be better connected both inside and outside of campus.  Though my time at UCI is nearing its end, I’m proud of what my officer and I have built together, and I have great faith in the people succeeding will build on this foundation.